Hurricane Awareness

Hurricane Rita satellite image

Being comprehensively prepared for a hurricane involves understanding all possible contingencies that are associated with these storms as they relate to your personal life circumstances. It means getting all of the hurricane information you can get your hands on so that the security of your family, loved ones, and property are protected. Understanding the ins and outs of things like:

are integral parts of a well-informed whole that we like to call hurricane awareness.

Take an active role in the disaster response function by engaging in hurricane awareness and understanding all of the information about hurricanes that you possibly can not only keeps you well prepared and able to ride out the storm, it takes the edge off of emergency response efforts for your community.

In addition, hurricane awareness can help you get back on your feet after the mess left by a big storm. Having hurricane information dealing with insurance claims, hurricane insurance deductibles, and whether or not your insurance company will cover your claims is essential to being financially prepared for a hurricane.