How to Get Your Insurer to Pay Your Hurricane Claim

insurance businessman and clientGetting back on your feet after a hurricane can be quite a stressful process. Even the most structurally sound and reinforced homes can be left in pieces by merciless hurricanes, resulting in endless sums of money in damage. Learn how to get the money you deserve from your insurer by following these few steps.

Be organized and precise. Before disaster strikes, it is important to make sure that you are fully protected in the event of a hurricane. Record or compile a list of items you owned, especially valuables. Take plenty of pictures before the event as proof of these assets. Store all records in a safe place so you can access and use them during the filing process. As you contact your insurer after the damage, save all information and data to keep track of your filing.

Act quick. As soon as the damage has incurred, assess your property immediately by taking photos, writing reports describing your home’s condition, and organizing receipts or lists of inventory and valuables. Be sure to contact your insurance provider by phone and  preferably by email as well (for record purposes) to notify them of your situation. This will also be an opportunity to gather information about proper claim-filing procedures from your provider.

person assessing hurricane damageAsk questions. Getting the assistance you need requires being aware of the claim filing process and knowing what you are owed. Talk to a professional to get an informed opinion and help you through your recovery. This will remove any doubts and ensure your success in obtaining adequate payment for your hurricane damage claims.

Stay informed and know your position. After filing an insurance claim, don’t hesitate to look for other forms of compensation to aid in your recover. This may include benefits from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Be aware of the value of the damage to know a realistic estimate of what you are owed. If you feel that you are not receiving full assistance, it may be time to seek help from other professionals!

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