Hurricane Insurance Claims

In the 20th Century 158 hurricanes, developed in either the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico, made their way to the United States. It is estimated that between 3 and 6 major hurricanes will strike the U.S. coastline every three years or so causing on average anywhere between tens of millions and tens of billions of dollars in hurricane damage, which often translates into hurricane insurance claims. What does this mean for you? If you live in a hurricane-prone area there’s a good chance that somewhere down the line you’ll need Hurricane insurance to protect against hurricane damage.

 Hurricane Wind Speed Map

A Hurricane brings with it winds that begin at a sustained 74mph to gusts that go up to a startling 200mph plus. The damage that can be unleashed with a force this strong is awe inspiring, as anyone who has seen images of hurricane Katrina can imagine.


In addition to extreme winds, the storm surge, hurricane spawned tornadoes that can form when the outer bands of a hurricane make landfall, and inland flooding  are all major causes of the damage that hurricanes inflict on those unlucky enough to be in the path of one.

This is why it is imperative that all who live in hurricane prone areas near the coast purchase hurricane insurance. This type of insurance usually covers wind damage and may already be part of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Flood insurance is another story. Many individuals who file hurricane insurance claims are surprised to hear that the hurricane damage inflicted on their property, severe though it may be, is not covered because it was caused by hurricane flooding rather than wind damage.

It is important that you know how to file an insurance claim for hurricane damage to avoid any unpleasant surprises in what is already a stressful situation. Before you have to think about making a hurricane insurance claim, that is, well in advance of hurricane season, review your insurance policies and make sure you have sufficient coverage to avoid any issues with recovering your hurricane damages.