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No current storm in NHC Eastern North Pacific Wallet 5
Posted on Wednesday May 22, 2024

No current storm in NHC EP5 as of Wed, 22 May 2024 11:31:39 GMT

Hurricane Emilia had incepted as of July 7th, 2012 after a well-defined, although small area of disturbed weather had become organized well enough to be declared as a Tropical Depression, 500 miles south-southwest of Acapulco, Mexico, sent by the Pacific Ocean.  Later on during the same day, that Tropical Depression had progressed to Tropical Storm status, being received the name “Emilia”, the 5th named storm of the 2012 summer season.  Emilia had reached hurricane status on the same day earlier and started to intensify into a Category 3 hurricane as the eastern outflow channel from Hurricane Daniel, which had been largely abated but leaving considerable damage in its wake, had allowed Emilia to spread outwardly in all directions.  Earlier as of July 10th, 2012, Emilia had reached its peak intensity as a Category 4 hurricane with registered sustained winds of 140 mph and a barometric pressure reading of 945 mbar.  After the peak, Emilia had digressed between a weak Category 3 hurricane or a strong Category 2 hurricane.  Because of its annular structure, Emilia was able to maintain this sort of intensity and velocity while being a storm over cool waters.

As of late on July 12, 2012, the eye of Hurricane Emilia disappeared from satellite imagery and as of then had weakened to Category 1 hurricane.  It was observed that on the next day that Emilia had passed north of where Hurricane Daniel’s trajectory was and in response to this, the storm Emilia as of now has dropped to below hurricane status.

It is worth noting that there are no coastal warnings in effect, and Emilia is expected to largely become remnant low as of Sunday.