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    Hurricane Laura Upgraded to Likely Intensify

    This morning Tropical Storm Laura was upgraded to Hurricane Laura with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph (121 Km/h). The storm is currently located 550 miles southeast of Galveston, TX and is...

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    National Hurricane Center Tracking 3 Potential Hurricanes

    UPDATED August 19 10:37 A.M.: Two potential storms are being tracked in the 5 Day Outlook from the National Hurricane Center, Miami, Florida as of August 18th. Now a third area of disturbance is...

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    Hurricane Genevieve

    Updated 10:29 Central Time August 19, 2020. Pacific Storm Hurricane Genevieve Category 3 Storm Hurricane Genevieve has maximum sustained winds at 130 mph ( Km/h) and is expected to affect the...

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    Tropical Storm Bertha

    Tropical Storm Bertha – May 27-28, 2020 Tropical Storm Bertha was our second named storm of the 2020 Atlantic season and affected a bit more area than Tropical Storm Arthur. TS Bertha winds...

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    Tropical Storm Arthur

    Our first Atlantic tropical storm was another early or “off-season” tropical storm, achieving Tropical Storm status on May 17th, continuing a possibly disturbing trend. The depression...

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    Saffir-Simpson Scale

    What Do Those Dots and Colors Mean? When you see a forecast map with blue triangles and various colored circles, you have to wonder what each one is. Here is the image from the NOAA (National...

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    Tropical Storm Cristobal

    June 2 – 8, 2020 Tropical Storm Cristobal became the earliest third named Atlantic storm on record on June 2, continuing the pattern of earlier and more frequent storms we have been seeing...

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    Season’s 14th Named Storm Forms

    Tropical Storm Nate   A collection of thunderstorms in the Caribbean forms into Tropical Storm Nate Wednesday morning at 11 am . According to The National Hurricane Center, the storm is...

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