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Stay ahead of the storm with the National Hurricane Center's latest news. Tracking the latest Hurricane news, alerting you to all the latest updates daily.

Season’s 14th Named Storm Forms

Tropical Storm Nate   A collection of thunderstorms in the Caribbean forms into Tropical Storm Nate Wednesday morning at 11 am . According to The National Hurricane Center, the storm is...

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Maria Strengthens to a Category 4 Hurricane

Hurricane Maria, the newest storm in the topics, has officially strengthened to a category 4 hurricane. The storm has doubled in strength over the past 48 hours with current wind speeds of up to 130...

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Tropical Depression Lee and Hurricane Maria

September 18, 2017, Hurricane Update: Two new tropical disturbances, Tropical Depression Lee and Hurricane Maria, joined category 1 Hurricane Jose in the Atlantic this weekend. Lee has traveled over...

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Hurricane Triple Threat in the Tropics

  Hurricane season has just reached the halfway mark with three storms currently formed in the tropics at once. Roughly two weeks ago category 4 Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of both Texas and...

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Hurricane Irma Evacuations

As hurricane Irma continues to strengthen, Florida governor, Rick Scott, warns residents to “get out now.” Currently, the storm sustains winds of up to 185 miles per hour making it one...

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Hurricane Irma turns into Category 5

Hurricane Irma has now turned into a Category 5 Hurricane, making it extremely dangerous. Its’ winds are up to 175 miles an hour, with no sign of slowing down. Irma began its formation in the Cape...

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Hurricane Irma Update: August 31st, 2017

As Texas and Lousiana begin to recover after Hurricane Harvey, another storm forms in the Atlantic. As of right now, on the 31st of August, there is another storm forming in the Atlantic, Hurricane...

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Texas Prepares for Hurricane Harvey

Initially formed in the east of the Caribbean Sea around August 17-19th, Tropical Storm Harvey could possibly become the first hurricane to hit land since Ike in 2008 as it is expected to arrive in...

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