Tropical Storm Erin

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Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

A new tropical storm has formed near the Cape Verde Islands strengthening overnight from tropical depression status. A tropical storm warning had been placed on the southern Cape Verde Islands of Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava, meaning that tropical storm conditions were expected in this area within the next 12 hours, however that warning has been discontinued as the storm passes the islands.

Currently the storm is located 115 miles west southwest of Brava, moving west northwest at 15 miles per hour away from the Cape Verde Islands. Maximum sustained winds have reached 40 miles per hour.

Some storm strengthening is expected over the next few days, with tropical storm force winds extending outward from the center of the storm up to 35 miles. Early next week Erin may reach dry, stable air that could lead to weakening. The storm is not expected to reach land as Erin moves away from Africa into the central Atlantic, however forecasters say it is much too early to tell if Erin will reach lands farther west.

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