Hurricane Triple Threat in the Tropics

  Hurricane season has just reached the halfway mark with three storms currently formed in the tropics at once. Roughly two weeks ago category 4 Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of both Texas and Louisiana leaving profound damage and flooding in its path. Now, just two days ago, Hurricane Irma strengthens to one of the only category 5 storms to form in the Atlantic in centuries with Hurricane Katia and Hurricane Jose strengthening close...

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Hurricane Irma turns into Category 5

Hurricane Irma has now turned into a Category 5 Hurricane, making it extremely dangerous. Its’ winds are up to 175 miles an hour, with no sign of slowing down. Irma began its formation in the Cape Verde Islands and has tracked its way through the Atlantic to get to where it is now. The hurricane is currently tracked to hit the Antigua, British and Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, as they frantically prepare for this hit. Puerto Rico has been...

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Tropical Storm Fausto

A tropical storm formed in the Eastern Pacific late Monday afternoon, July 7. The new storm is named Fausto and is the sixth tropical disturbance in the Eastern Pacific for the 2014 Hurricane Season. Shortly after the storm was upgraded to tropical storm status, Fausto strengthened a little as it moved westward at 14 miles per hour. Currently the storm is around 1,265 miles southwest off the southern tip of Baja California. Maximum sustained...

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Sales-Tax Breaks For Disaster Supplies

States in hurricane-prone regions are providing residences with sales-tax exemptions on disaster supply purchases

Hurricane-prone states like Virginia, Louisiana and Florida are giving their citizens a break on paying sales tax on disaster supplies. States around the nation, particular those most vulnerable to hurricane activity, are helping its citizens prepare for the worst by cutting them a financial break. So far Virginia, Alabama, and Louisiana have offered their residents a tax-free shopping window on disaster supplies that will best help them if a...

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Amanda: A Strong Start to a Supposedly Weak 2014

hurricane sandy satellite view- costliest hurricanes in atlantic

Though the 2014 Hurricane Season is expected to be weak, Hurricane Amanda started it off tempestuously, breaking the record for the earliest category 4 hurricane in the Pacific Ocean. Previously, that honor had gone to Hurricane Adolph which reached a peak intensity of 145 mph on May 29, 2001. Amanda weakened to a still-powerful Category 4 at 135 mph hurricane on Monday morning and fell to a Category 2 at 105 mph by late afternoon....

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Deadline for Disaster Relief Nears

hurricane insurance claim adjuster

Application window for Hurricane Ike and Dolly disaster relief closing soon East Texas homeowners needing hurricane disaster relief have until Monday, May 5, 2014 to submit their applications for Round 2 of Deep East Texas Council of Governments’ (DETCOG) Disaster Recovery Housing Program. Under the program residents of Angelina, Houston, Jasper, Nacogdoches, Newton, Polk, Sabine, San Jacinto, San Augustine, Shelby, Trinity and Tyler...

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