Saffir-Simpson Scale

What Do Those Dots and Colors Mean? When you see a forecast map with blue triangles and various colored circles, you have to wonder what each one is. Here is the image from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) showing what each means. NOAA through its project Ocean Explorer provides us much of the information we have about our oceans and provides massive amounts of educational materials for students of all ages. The...

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Hurricane Triple Threat in the Tropics

  Hurricane season has just reached the halfway mark with three storms currently formed in the tropics at once. Roughly two weeks ago category 4 Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of both Texas and Louisiana leaving profound damage and flooding in its path. Now, just two days ago, Hurricane Irma strengthens to one of the only category 5 storms to form in the Atlantic in centuries with Hurricane Katia and Hurricane Jose strengthening close...

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How The World Would End Without Hurricanes

noaa scientist on computer

We’ve all seen the disheartening footage from areas like New Orleans, New Jersey and the Philippines after they’ve been bullied by a major hurricane. The death tolls, the billion-dollar damages and the countless number of displaced people still sit fresh in our memories. Some viewers, if not all, inevitably ask the question, “Isn’t there anything we can do to avoid these tragedies from occurring again?”. A quick...

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Study Claims Female Named Hurricanes Deadlier

A New Study Says Female Named Hurricanes account for more fatalities compared to their male counterparts

According to a recent study, there may be a correlation between hurricane and tropical storm names and the number of lives they claim.  Simply put, a hurricane is a hurricane. Heavy rains, devastating flooding and damaging winds in excess of 150 mph can bring any coastal community down to its knees. However, a new study by the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of USA indicates that intense hurricanes with female names are deadlier...

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Hunting Hurricanes with Military Might

Advanced meteorological instrumentation on board military aircraft means increased hurricane awareness, preparedness. As the 2014 hurricane season commences, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is once again teaming up with the U.S. Air Force for their annual Hurricane Hunter’s Awareness Tour. The tour features stops throughout the Caribbean and Mexico, as well as American hurricane hot spots like Florida, Texas and...

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Turbines Spin Hurricanes Into Control

row of wind turbines on the green mountain wind farm

What if a magical object were invented to stop hurricanes in their tracks? Okay, that may seem a tad far-fetched, but what if there was something that could drastically minimize tropical storm impact? Coastal residents may be in luck; scientists and environmental engineers have come together to perform extensive experiments to analyze the effect wind turbines have on hurricanes. The results? Let’s just say they’re very...

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