NOAA Predicts “Very Active” 2013 Hurricane Season

house damage hurricane

On May 23, 2013 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released outlook data on the 2013 hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean. The report warns of an “above-normal” season with greater frequency and intensity of hurricanes.┬áNOAA forecasts a hurricane season with a 70% chance of between 13-20 named storms, in which 7-11 would become hurricanes (tropical storms with sustained winds of 74 mph or greater), and...

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The Gulf Coast: The Past, Present, and Future of Hurricane Analysis

Graphic of a hurricane on a map

Major Hurricanes It is no secret that the Gulf Coast has been ravaged with devastation from hurricanes. These natural disasters causes communities to flee their homes and seek refuge elsewhere. Efforts are being implemented to better prepare residents with readiness. Some major hurricanes in the area over the past 20 years have been Ike (2008), Wilma (2005), Rita (2005), Karina (2005), Dennis (2005), Jeanne (2004), Ivan (2004), Frances (2004)...

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