The WORST Hurricane Safety Tips You’ll Ever Hear


For those who live in areas with high hurricane activity, they’ve undoubtedly got a handle on what to do when one rolls into town. Option one, if the storm is strong and is anticipated to hammer wherever it’s to make landfall, is to simply leave town. Its a sure-fire bet that almost guarantees survival but comes at a cost of abandoning your home and personal property. The second option, if the storm is on the milder side, is to stay...

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Sales-Tax Breaks For Disaster Supplies

States in hurricane-prone regions are providing residences with sales-tax exemptions on disaster supply purchases

Hurricane-prone states like Virginia, Louisiana and Florida are giving their citizens a break on paying sales tax on disaster supplies. States around the nation, particular those most vulnerable to hurricane activity, are helping its citizens prepare for the worst by cutting them a financial break. So far Virginia, Alabama, and Louisiana have offered their residents a tax-free shopping window on disaster supplies that will best help them if a...

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How Prepared Are You?

boarding up windows for hurricane

Hurricane victims are often blindsided by the sudden impact of storms, especially when they weren’t fully prepared. Take our mini, essentials quiz to ensure you’re ready for the next tropical storm season. 1. Make sure you’re stocked up on ________ days worth of water and non-perishable foods: a. 3 b. 5 c. 7 Answer (a) 2. Windows should be protected with: a. Tape b. Wood c. Furniture Answer (b) 3. Important papers such as birth...

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Wind Mitigation Inspections

man in attic, wind inspection

Wind mitigation inspections, or wind inspections, can provide extra safety and security to your home or business. This preparation can ensure that your structure is ready to take on strong winds and hurricanes, minimizing the amount of damage. A wind mitigation inspection in Florida can actually save residents between $500 to $1,000 annually. Not so bad for a service that generally costs less than $200. After Hurricane Andrew plowed the state...

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Commercial Flood Insurance

Woman walking in the flood

Not only people fall victim to Hurricanes, but businesses too. It is important to know that damage caused by a flood is not covered by a standard commercial property insurance policy.  Since 25% of businesses do not reopen after a flood and even so, the recovery is slow; flood insurance is the best way of protecting yourself from devastation after a storm. Consider This For Your Flood Insurance 1) What is Covered? Most business flood...

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Travel Insurance

hurricane winds blowing palm trees on a beach

So, you’ve had your vacation planned for months now. But after taking days off from work and making travel arrangements, your plans to spend a week in the Bahamas quickly goes South when you realize a tropical storm is scheduled to hit that week. The good news is that your hard-earned money doesn’t have to go to waste. This is where travel insurance comes in. What Does Travel Insurance Cover? Trip Cancellation: This covers all...

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