Sales-Tax Breaks For Disaster Supplies

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States in hurricane-prone regions are providing residences with sales-tax exemptions on disaster supply purchases

Hurricane-prone states like Virginia, Louisiana and Florida are giving their citizens a break on paying sales tax on disaster supplies.

States around the nation, particular those most vulnerable to hurricane activity, are helping its citizens prepare for the worst by cutting them a financial break. So far Virginia, Alabama, and Louisiana have offered their residents a tax-free shopping window on disaster supplies that will best help them if a hurricane should make landfall. Now Floridians are eligible for sales-tax-breaks during the nine day that will conclude on June 8, 2014.

Tax-Breaks for Critical Disaster Supplies

Though Virginia and Louisiana may have just wrapped up their tax-free week and weekends respectively, Florida residents are still eligible to purchase disaster supplies through this week. Hardware stores across the state have been stocking up on the essentials like batteries, flashlights, generators and gas cans even in light of a weak hurricane forecast. However, not everything is considered a “disaster supply” and thus, the state of Florida has mandated a list of qualifying items that can be considered for sales tax exemption:

  • Items selling for $10 and less
    • Reusable ice packs
    • Select batteries
      • AA
      • C
      • D
      • 6-volt
      • 9-volt
    • First-aid kits
    • Candles
  • Items selling for $20 and less
    • Battery-powered lanterns
    • Battery-powered flashlights
    • Gas-powered lanterns
    • Coolers/Ice-chests
  • Items selling for $50 and less
    • Tarps
    • Ground anchor systems
    • Bungee cords and ratchet straps
    • Select radios
      • Self or battery powered
      • Two-way radios
      • Weather band radios

In the need to sustain communications, provide light and preserve food in the event of a power outage, Floridians can also take advantage of sales-tax exemptions on portable generators under $750.

The sales-tax breaks in Florida end at midnight on Sunday, June 8 so residents are urged to act quickly.