Hurricane Irma turns into Category 5

Hurricane Irma has now turned into a Category 5 Hurricane, making it extremely dangerous. Its’ winds are up to 175 miles an hour, with no sign of slowing down. Irma began its formation in the Cape Verde Islands and has tracked its way through the Atlantic to get to where it is now. The hurricane is currently tracked to hit the Antigua, British and Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, as they frantically prepare for this hit. Puerto Rico has been...

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Hurricane Harvey: What You Need to Know NOW

You’ve heard by now that Tropical Depression/Tropical Storm/Hurricane Harvey is set to make landfall in Houston this Friday. A Tropical Storm watch was issued this afternoon, as well as a storm surge warning by the NHC (the first it’s ever issued). Governor Abbott declared a state of disaster for Harris County and 29 others near Houston and along the Texas coast. Though we don’t yet know what sort of storm exactly Harvey will be, a few...

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Amanda: A Strong Start to a Supposedly Weak 2014

hurricane sandy satellite view- costliest hurricanes in atlantic

Though the 2014 Hurricane Season is expected to be weak, Hurricane Amanda started it off tempestuously, breaking the record for the earliest category 4 hurricane in the Pacific Ocean. Previously, that honor had gone to Hurricane Adolph which reached a peak intensity of 145 mph on May 29, 2001. Amanda weakened to a still-powerful Category 4 at 135 mph hurricane on Monday morning and fell to a Category 2 at 105 mph by late afternoon....

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Turbines Spin Hurricanes Into Control

row of wind turbines on the green mountain wind farm

What if a magical object were invented to stop hurricanes in their tracks? Okay, that may seem a tad far-fetched, but what if there was something that could drastically minimize tropical storm impact? Coastal residents may be in luck; scientists and environmental engineers have come together to perform extensive experiments to analyze the effect wind turbines have on hurricanes. The results? Let’s just say they’re very...

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Hurricane 2014 Season Predicted to be Another Quiet Season

A New Study Says Female Named Hurricanes account for more fatalities compared to their male counterparts

Hurricane 2014 Season Prediction Residents of coastal areas will be relieved to hear that top forecasters from Colorado State University predict another quiet hurricane season in 2014, suggesting that nine tropical storms will form, but only 3 will become hurricanes. Colorado State’s team predicts a 35% chance of a major hurricane making landfall on U.S. Coast. In the East Coast, including Florida, the chance is only 20%, and only 19% for...

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How Prepared Are You?

boarding up windows for hurricane

Hurricane victims are often blindsided by the sudden impact of storms, especially when they weren’t fully prepared. Take our mini, essentials quiz to ensure you’re ready for the next tropical storm season. 1. Make sure you’re stocked up on ________ days worth of water and non-perishable foods: a. 3 b. 5 c. 7 Answer (a) 2. Windows should be protected with: a. Tape b. Wood c. Furniture Answer (b) 3. Important papers such as birth...

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