Amanda: A Strong Start to a Supposedly Weak 2014

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hurricane sandy satellite view- costliest hurricanes in atlantic

Though the 2014 Hurricane Season is expected to be weak, Hurricane Amanda started it off tempestuously, breaking the record for the earliest category 4 hurricane in the Pacific Ocean. Previously, that honor had gone to Hurricane Adolph which reached a peak intensity of 145 mph on May 29, 2001.

Amanda weakened to a still-powerful Category 4 at 135 mph hurricane on Monday morning and fell to a Category 2 at 105 mph by late afternoon. Despite briefly regaining strength to reach 120 mph over night, Amanda dropped back to 105 mph by the afternoon, as predicted.

Sunday P.M. : 155 mph (Category 4)

Monday A.M. : 135 mph (Category 4)

Monday P.M. : 105 mph (Category 2)

Tuesday A.M. : 120 mph (Category 3)

Tuesday P.M. : 105 mph (Category 2)

Located 575 miles (920 kilometers) south-southwest of the tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, and moving north-northwest at 5 mph, Amanda currently poses no threat and is expected to weaken to a tropical storm by Thursday.

If you live in coastal areas, be sure to check out our hurricane checklist to prepare for the 2014 hurricane season beginning Sunday June 1st.