Amanda: A Strong Start to a Supposedly Weak 2014

hurricane sandy satellite view- costliest hurricanes in atlantic

Though the 2014 Hurricane Season is expected to be weak, Hurricane Amanda started it off tempestuously, breaking the record for the earliest category 4 hurricane in the Pacific Ocean. Previously, that honor had gone to Hurricane Adolph which reached a peak intensity of 145 mph on May 29, 2001. Amanda weakened to a still-powerful Category 4 at 135 mph hurricane on Monday morning and fell to a Category 2 at 105 mph by late afternoon....

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Hurricane 2014 Season Predicted to be Another Quiet Season

A New Study Says Female Named Hurricanes account for more fatalities compared to their male counterparts

Hurricane 2014 Season Prediction Residents of coastal areas will be relieved to hear that top forecasters from Colorado State University predict another quiet hurricane season in 2014, suggesting that nine tropical storms will form, but only 3 will become hurricanes. Colorado State’s team predicts a 35% chance of a major hurricane making landfall on U.S. Coast. In the East Coast, including Florida, the chance is only 20%, and only 19% for...

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Signs Insurance Company Is Delaying Claims

insurance company delaying claims

When you’ve suffered storm or hurricane damages, filing your insurance claim and receiving compensation for damages should always be a top priority. The longer you wait, the less likely you will be to receive the full benefits you deserve. Insurance  agents know this and will often use it as a tactic to avoid paying what they owe policyholders. On the other hand, delays are common in a hurricane situation due to the fact that insurance...

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The McKinsey Model: An Insurance Conspiracy


This hurricane season, you may want to be extra vigilant of your insurance company’s business practices when it comes time to file your claim. After faithfully paying your premiums for months or years, it only makes sense to expect your insurance provider to be there for you when you need them. After all, that’s what you’re paying them for, isn’t it? Unfortunately, a new business model rising in popularity among major...

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Travel Insurance

hurricane winds blowing palm trees on a beach

So, you’ve had your vacation planned for months now. But after taking days off from work and making travel arrangements, your plans to spend a week in the Bahamas quickly goes South when you realize a tropical storm is scheduled to hit that week. The good news is that your hard-earned money doesn’t have to go to waste. This is where travel insurance comes in. What Does Travel Insurance Cover? Trip Cancellation: This covers all...

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Hurricanes: Flood Damage vs Water Damage

flood damage vs. water damage

When trying to get the right coverage for weather-related damages, it’s important to know the difference between what insurance companies consider flood damage vs water damage. A basic homeowners insurance policy will only cover water damage. Flood damage, however, requires a separate flood insurance policy. Flood Damage vs Water Damage Flood damage is generally considered damage caused by rising or overflowing water that enters your home...

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Ways Insurance Companies Cheat You

broken piggy bank

Let’s face it. Insurance companies aren’t always interested in doing what’s right and honoring your insurance policy the way they should. Often, they’re more interested in making a profit, and receiving an onslaught of insurance claims after a hurricane can threaten that. This is why you will find that many companies tend to cut corners and take shortcuts when it comes to reimbursing you for hurricane damages. It’s...

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Cheapest Ways to Reduce Flood Damage

reduce flood damage with sandbags

Flood insurance can be expensive, but paying for flood damages can be even more costly. Ideally, you should have a flood insurance plan if you live in a high-risk zone for flooding. However, if you’ve assessed the risks and deemed it not worth paying extra for a separate flood insurance, it may help to know some cost-effective ways to prevent flood damage in the unlikely event that a flood does strike your home or business. Have your...

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How to Determine the Best Insurance Policy

insurance policy, homeowners policy

Keeping your home safe from weather should always be a priority, but this is especially true during hurricane season. That’s why it’s so important to take an active role in your home’s insurance before disaster strikes. Here are some ways to determine the best insurance policy for your home. What are the types of insurance policies? Named Perils Policies cover all losses caused from perils specifically named in the...

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Business Disaster Recovery

business disaster recovery

Hurricane seasons is a nightmare for most, but it can be especially daunting for a small business owner. Building a business isn’t easy; it takes a great deal of courage to make a major financial investment, and it can be especially difficult when that hard work is torn down  by a natural disaster. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize losses and make a quick business disaster recovery by staying informed and developing a business...

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Bad Faith Insurance Companies

bad faith insurance

What is bad faith insurance? In the United States, most insurance companies are bound by what is known as an “implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.” What this means is that an insurance company has certain duties to its policyholders such as the obligation to thoroughly investigate all claims in a timely manner. In the case that an insurance claim has not been investigated thoroughly (or at all) or has been wrongfully...

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Hurricanes in History: Firsts and Worst

Hurricanes have played a large part in the history of coastal regions. From economic destruction to devastating fatalities, hurricanes have gained fame as some of the most influential natural disasters. Check out these 10 facts about the hurricane firsts and worsts in history! The first known hurricane to be recorded was written about by Christopher Columbus on June 16, 1494.  The first unofficially named hurricane was George in 1947, while...

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Ways to Save Money during Hurricane Season

person shopping for groceries

Between hurricane supplies, insurance, repairs and evacuation expenses, hurricane season can get expensive if you live near the coast. The good news is that there are ways to save money during hurricane season. Save money on hurricane supplies Don’t wait! By making preparations early on, you can save yourself time, stress and money. As early as May or June, start keeping an eye out for sales on hurricane supplies. Take a tip from extreme...

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Hurricane Deductibles

hurricane deductible fees

What are Hurricane Deductibles? A deductible is a minimum fee paid by homeowners before insurance companies provide any coverage. Generally speaking, deductible fees come at a flat rate. Hurricane deductibles, however, are not so forgiving and often take unprepared homeowners by surprise. Rather than a flat rate of $500 or $1,000, hurricane deductibles demand a payment of 1 to 5 percent of the total property value. For a standard $200, 000...

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Car Insurance After a Hurricane

tree on car in hurricane

Car Insurance after a Hurricane If a tropical storm is looming near you, you may be starting to wonder what damages your auto insurance would cover if something were to happen to your vehicle. Most companies have certain restrictions about adding comprehensive coverage just before a hurricane. Because of this, it’s important to be sure that you have proper coverage before the natural disaster is imminent, or it is unlikely that your...

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Meal Preparation During a Hurricane

hurricane meal preparation

So, you have a hurricane headed your way. Even if there’s no direct damage to your house, one thing is for sure: there will most likely be a power outage in your neighborhood at some point. As you mentally prepare yourself to brave the chaotic masses of people emptying out grocery shelves to stock up on non-perishables, you might be dreading the coming days of living on cold canned foods and saltine crackers. After all, there’s no way to eat...

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Pet Safety During a Hurricane

Hurricanes can be scary, not only for you and your human family but for your furry four-legged friends. Each year, millions of pets are killed or left homeless by natural disasters. These tragedies can easily be prevented with just a bit of planning. These simple tips will help ensure pet safety during a hurricane. Make a List Whether you’re evacuating or braving the storm at home, it is important to make sure your pet supplies are well...

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How to File a Hurricane Insurance Claim

hurricane damage

Hurricanes damages can be not only devastating, but expensive, costing billions of dollars each year in the U.S. alone. While having insurance against natural disasters can be helpful, it doesn’t guarantee coverage against all damages and hurricane victims are sometimes left to fend for themselves. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to file a successful hurricane insurance claim. Safely assess and document damages Do not...

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