Hurricanes: Flood Damage vs Water Damage

flood damage vs. water damage

When trying to get the right coverage for weather-related damages, it’s important to know the difference between what insurance companies consider flood damage vs water damage. A basic homeowners insurance policy will only cover water damage. Flood damage, however, requires a separate flood insurance policy. Flood Damage vs Water Damage Flood damage is generally considered damage caused by rising or overflowing water that enters your home...

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Prepare Your Boat For A Hurricane

boat preparation for hurricane- man tying down boat

So you’ve prepped your home for upcoming hurricanes, but what about your boat? Persons who own properties along the coast or near a lake may also posses a boat or other similar vehicles. And, preparing your boat for a hurricane is a no-brainer. Taking action and implementing safeguards before a storm can: decrease the risk of damage to your boat and other belongings reduce the chances of having to pay for costly repairs prevent damage to...

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Constructing A Hurricane-Proof Home

constructing a hurricane-proof home- home on stilts

Your house may have a lovely view of the ocean, but when a hurricane strikes, it may not be such a pretty picture. Beach houses and homes near the coast are extremely susceptible to the powerful effects of hurricanes, which may leave homes in complete disarray. Whether you are beginning to build your home, or already reside in the home, you can protect your loved ones and reduce damage to your belongings through various construction...

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Cheapest Ways to Reduce Flood Damage

reduce flood damage with sandbags

Flood insurance can be expensive, but paying for flood damages can be even more costly. Ideally, you should have a flood insurance plan if you live in a high-risk zone for flooding. However, if you’ve assessed the risks and deemed it not worth paying extra for a separate flood insurance, it may help to know some cost-effective ways to prevent flood damage in the unlikely event that a flood does strike your home or business. Have your...

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How Do Insurance Deductibles Work During Hurricanes?

insurance policy and deductibles

When searching for the right insurance policy to protect your home against costly hurricane damages, you may come across company advertisements touting¬†“low deductibles.” Insurance companies promote this policy factor as a great benefit to customers. But what exactly are deductibles, and how do they affect you? What are Deductibles? When a hurricane strikes, property-owners file claims to receive compensation for any related damage....

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How to Determine the Best Insurance Policy

insurance policy, homeowners policy

Keeping your home safe from weather should always be a priority, but this is especially true during hurricane season. That’s why it’s so important to take an active role in your home’s insurance before disaster strikes. Here are some ways to determine the best insurance policy for your home. What are the types of insurance policies? Named Perils Policies¬†cover all losses caused from perils specifically named in the...

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