Constructing A Hurricane-Proof Home

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constructing a hurricane-proof home- home on stilts

Your house may have a lovely view of the ocean, but when a hurricane strikes, it may not be such a pretty picture. Beach houses and homes near the coast are extremely susceptible to the powerful effects of hurricanes, which may leave homes in complete disarray. Whether you are beginning to build your home, or already reside in the home, you can protect your loved ones and reduce damage to your belongings through various construction  methods.

Constructing a Hurricane-Proof Home

No house is completely safe from hurricanes; however, homeowners can take measures from the start to reduce the impact of hurricanes. Many home-building companies and suppliers offer options for materials which can withstand the strong winds and high amounts of precipitation dished out by hurricanes. Features which can be included in the construction of your house include:

  • stilts or raised foundations to elevate the home
  • reinforced concrete
  • wooden structural elements to provide flexibility
  • hurricane windows and hurricane shutters
  • reinforced doors and garage doors
  • wind-resistant shingles
  • dome-shaped roofing structures

But if your home has already been constructed and does not include these features, don’t panic! Many of these features may be added to your home to increase protection against hurricanes.

Remodeling and Replacing for Hurricane Protection

Homeowners should be aware of any complications that may make your home susceptible to hurricane damage. Retrofit your home and resolve any issues such as structural inadequacies, weakened or broken foundation, holes or cracks in drywall, and any openings in the home which could become a threat during high winds. Add straps or replace existing windows and doors with more structurally-sound elements. Consult a home-building expert or have an inspection to determine which elements should be improved for your safety.

Implementing hurricane-resistant features can come with a high price-tag. However, some insurance policies may offer benefits to homeowners who have taken on these projects.