Prepare Your Boat For A Hurricane

boat preparation for hurricane- man tying down boat

So you’ve prepped your home for upcoming hurricanes, but what about your boat? Persons who own properties along the coast or near a lake may also posses a boat or other similar vehicles. And, preparing your boat for a hurricane is a no-brainer. Taking action and implementing safeguards before a storm can: decrease the risk of damage to your boat and other belongings reduce the chances of having to pay for costly repairs prevent damage to...

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Constructing A Hurricane-Proof Home

constructing a hurricane-proof home- home on stilts

Your house may have a lovely view of the ocean, but when a hurricane strikes, it may not be such a pretty picture. Beach houses and homes near the coast are extremely susceptible to the powerful effects of hurricanes, which may leave homes in complete disarray. Whether you are beginning to build your home, or already reside in the home, you can protect your loved ones and reduce damage to your belongings through various construction...

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Tropical Storm Flossie Sweeps Through Hawaii

tropical storm flossie radar-NOAA

After lumbering through the Pacific Ocean, Tropical Storm Flossie closes in on the islands of Hawaii. Flossie circulates towards the state with up to 60 mph winds, but powerful winds may be the least of concerns for local residents. The storm, meteorologists say, will make landfall Monday morning, piling a minimum of 10 inches of water on vulnerable regions of Big Island and Maui. Local meteorologist with the Honolulu’s National Weather...

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Hurricane Watch and Hurricane Warning: What’s the Difference?

hurricane warning flag

During hurricane seasons, regulators notify coastal regions of hurricane watches and hurricane warnings. Administration releases these announcements to alert residents of possible hurricane activity in order to prepare cities for these potential threats. But what do these notifications mean? Understanding the difference between a hurricane watch and hurricane warning can keep you safe and informed, while assisting you in taking proper action...

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How Do Insurance Deductibles Work During Hurricanes?

insurance policy and deductibles

When searching for the right insurance policy to protect your home against costly hurricane damages, you may come across company advertisements touting “low deductibles.” Insurance companies promote this policy factor as a great benefit to customers. But what exactly are deductibles, and how do they affect you? What are Deductibles? When a hurricane strikes, property-owners file claims to receive compensation for any related damage....

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Hurricane Ike Insurance Disasters

hurricane ike damage insurance lawsuits

In September 2008, Hurricane Ike swept through the southeastern portion of Texas hammering Galveston and affected regions with $12 billion in insured losses. Flooded cities and destroyed neighborhoods turned to insurance companies to be the “good neighbor”s they had so long promised to be, but many failed to keep their pledge to support communities. As a result, locals were left in disheveled, often  uninhabitable homes, with...

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Hazards of Stormwater Runoff

storm runoff hazards

After a tropical storm or hurricane has left your city, you may think the coast is clear. Think again. Your life could still be in jeopardy even though the storm has already powered over your home. How? The unsuspecting waters on streets left behind by storms that does not absorb into the ground, referred to as “stormwater runoff“, can contain extremely hazardous substances. And, according to The Federal Emergency Management Agency,...

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Chantal Bears Down on the Dominican Republic and Haiti, One Killed

tropical storm chantal haiti and the dominican republic, one killed

Tropical Storm Chantal battered the Dominican Republic and Haiti on Wednesday after intensifying over several days. The storm flooded streets and flung roofs from homes, killing one before weakening drastically. After skimming the edge of the island, Chantal lost power, reducing to a tropical wave. However, the storm continues to soak local regions with heavy rains and flooding. Damage in the Dominican Republic and Haiti According to reports,...

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Tropical Storm Chantal Dashes Towards Puerto Rico

tropical storm chantal forecast error cone

Cruising at a speedy 26 mph, Chantal rapidly advances towards Puerto Rico. With the approach of Tropical Storm Chantal, the U.S. Coastguard has ordered coastal areas of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in the path of the storm to clear waters of any debris. In preparation for the powerful storm, authorities urge waterfront properties to “hunker down” and secure vessels. Projections indicate that Chantal should strengthen before...

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Hurricane Erick Skims the Coast of Mexico

tropical storm erick waves and ocean

Tropical Storm Erick’s slow sludge along the southwestern coast of Mexico meant drizzly days for many this weekend. As Erick traveled up the Pacific coast of Mexico on Saturday, the storm eventually mustered sustained winds of 80 mph winds gaining the title of a Category 1 hurricane. Meteorologists located Hurricane Erick approximately 90 miles south of Manzanillo, Mexico. Erick trailed parallel to the Pacific coast of Mexico from Guerrero...

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Top 10 Costliest Atlantic Hurricanes

hurricane sandy satellite view- costliest hurricanes in atlantic

Hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean have a reputation for taking a financial toll on the eastern coast of the United States. Reports show that even lower category storms can have a huge economic impact on coastal cities. So just which hurricanes have been the most expensive? It depends! Hurricane costs are merely estimates of a combination of certain monetary factors. Expenses may include damages to structures and property. Many totals include the...

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NFIP Special Flood Hazard Areas

flooded home- NFIP coverage

The United States Congress passed the National Flood Insurance Act in 1968, establishing the National Flood Insurance Program or “NFIP”. This legislation protects homeowners against damages or losses incurred during floods. More importantly, the program motivates communities to take action and provide safeguards to decrease the risk of floods in Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs or areas with extremely high risks of...

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Hurricane Hazards: Triple Threat

hurricane- storm surge-winds

Hurricanes cause billions of dollars in damage. But what makes them so destructive and dangerous? Hurricanes devastate coastal regions with their triple threat hazards: storm surges, winds, and precipitation. Hurricane-Fueled Winds Hurricanes menace coastal regions with unfaltering winds. Even the weakest storms, category 1 hurricanes, can tear through cities with sustained wind speeds of a minimum of 74 miles per hour. But higher category...

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Swimming Pool Prep for Hurricanes

pool after hurricane irene

Most people enjoy a nice, relaxing day by the pool in the summer. Unfortunately, pool season and hurricane season intersect! But missing out on a few days of tanning may be the least of  your worries; swimming pools and hot tubs that have not been properly prepared before a hurricane can be extremely hazardous. How to Prepare a Pool for a Hurricane Many people overlook swimming pools in hurricane preparation. Doing so may lead to a higher risk...

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Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

hurricane damage home-TWIA

What is the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association? The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, also known as TWIA, is a non-profit insurance-of-last-resort regulated by the State of Texas. Insurance company policies often reduce their types and areas of coverage during and after a storm, leaving many without adequate resources to restore their livelihood from damage. TWIA acts as a measure to defend and reimburse residents as a final option in...

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Bath Water and Water Safety in Hurricanes

bathtub and toilet

Since hurricane strikes may damage water lines or cut off water sources, one of the most essential hurricane preparation steps is having an abundant water supply. Many hurricane preparedness guides urge those in the path of the storm to fill bathtubs with water. While this may be a fairly simple concept, it is important to understand the purpose of this water and its various uses. Uses of Bath Water During Hurricane After a hurricane makes...

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The National Flood Insurance Program

nfip National Flood Insurance Program

What is the National Flood Insurance Program? In 1968, the National Flood Insurance Program, or NFIP, formed under the United States Congress as a form of financial protection against of losses related to flooding. The program is available to home owners, certain business owners, and persons who are renting homes. The Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA) coordinates the NFIP to provide flood insurance from a range of qualified private...

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Generators: Keeping You Out of the Hot Seat

generators and hurricanes

After tearing through towns, hurricanes can leave residents in the unbearable heat of powerless homes. And unfortunately, inhabitants are no match for the high summer temperatures of hurricane season. But are generators worth the price you pay to keep your beloved electricity and air conditioning running? Don’t sweat it, compare the facts! To Buy or Not to Buy Going without a power-supply for the use of televisions, computers, and other...

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Tropical Storm Andrea: Damage and Disasters

car accident- tropical storm andrea

Beginning on May 6th, Tropical Storm Andrea tormented the east coast of the United States with heavy rains and gusty winds. However, news reports concerning the aftermath of this storm indicate that these natural forces caused more than just traffic and flooding for coastal regions. Andrea evolved into a brutal force spawning tornadoes in Florida and severe weather which lead to car accidents in the northeast. Although the rains have ended,...

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Tropical Storm Andrea Powers Down

debris from tropical storm andrea

As Tropical Storm Andrea dashes up the eastern coast of the United States, it begins to wind down. Landfall on Thursday evening dampened the intensity of the storm greatly with a reduction in wind speeds by almost 15 mph (now with 45 mph winds). As it speeds through eastern states at 30 mph, meteorologists say it won’t be long before Andrea loses its forceful tropical storm qualities. While harsh winds have carried debris and damaged...

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Tropical Storm Andrea Trudges Through Florida

tracking andrea

Tropical Storm Andrea made landfall at 5:45 PM ET on Thursday, battering the Florida’s Big Bend area with torrential rain and strong winds of nearly 65 mph. Regions near the coast of Tampa Bay to the Aucilla River could face up to a 4 feet storm surge if the storm maintains strength. Forecasts predict that the storm will move upwards along the east coast through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and may even pitch its rains...

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Tropical Storm Andrea Races to Florida

tropical storm andrea satellite

As of 11:00 AM ET on June 6, Tropical Storm Andrea has picked up speed with by 12 mph overnight. The storm now moves at 15 mph with wind speeds of 60 mph. Andrea struck the Florida Keys and Tampa early Thursday morning with gusty winds and heavy precipitation. Meteorologists expect Andrea to continue on its path to the Florida Big Bend, bringing winds of up to 74 mph this evening. Officials have issued a tornado watch for the central and...

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Evacuation Evaluation

hurricane evacuation route

Safety at the onset of a hurricane requires fast action and preparedness. While residents may have implemented quality safeguards beforehand to prevent their home and assets from being destroyed, some cases require further methods for protection. When local and state officials anticipate the landfall of powerful or deadly hurricanes, coastal residents may be ordered to evacuate their homes. Why is evacuation so important? Executives issue...

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Evacuation Preparation

cars in hurricane evacuation

Preparing for a hurricane requires a range of efforts on behalf of coastal residents to protect their homes and assets. However, boarding up windows and securing belongings may not be the last of locals’ troubles. When state or city officials deem an area unsafe for a future hurricane, an evacuation may be ordered to ensure safety. Evacuations are a last resort to protect inhabitants from the devastating effects of hurricanes in the event...

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NOAA Predicts “Very Active” 2013 Hurricane Season

house damage hurricane

On May 23, 2013 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released outlook data on the 2013 hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean. The report warns of an “above-normal” season with greater frequency and intensity of hurricanes. NOAA forecasts a hurricane season with a 70% chance of between 13-20 named storms, in which 7-11 would become hurricanes (tropical storms with sustained winds of 74 mph or greater), and...

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Hurricane Formation and Global Warming Meltdown

global warming and hurricane formation

Hurricane formation relies on oceanic waters of 80°F or above, humid, warm air in surrounding areas, and high wind speeds. While the equation for hurricane formation appears simple, meteorologists claim that the devastation of these natural disasters could be magnified by a single factor: climate change. Since the creation of hurricanes requires warmer temperatures of both waters and air, an increase in the Earth’s temperature accounted...

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Top Ten Most Hurricane Prone States

Hurricanes have been known to be some of the most unpredictable and dangerous disasters to strike the United States. Although the determination of when and where a hurricane will make landfall can typically be made only a week or even a few days before the event, records allow us to be aware of which places are most at risk. So maybe you’re not sure if your new vacation home on the coast could be a risky investment for your family; or, perhaps...

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