Tropical Storm Flossie Sweeps Through Hawaii

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tropical storm flossie radar-NOAA

After lumbering through the Pacific Ocean, Tropical Storm Flossie closes in on the islands of Hawaii. Flossie circulates towards the state with up to 60 mph winds, but powerful winds may be the least of concerns for local residents. The storm, meteorologists say, will make landfall Monday morning, piling a minimum of 10 inches of water on vulnerable regions of Big Island and Maui.

Local meteorologist with the Honolulu’s National Weather Service, Michael Cantin, warns residents to be cautious of this flooding. Cantin explains that it would only require about “6 inches of water to knock you off your feet” and a foot of water to move vehicles.

Tropical Storm Flossie Predictions

Residents of Hawaii have prepared for Tropical Storm Flossie as the first tropical storm to hit the state directly since 1958. Between 12 and 18 feet high waves along the coast should strike the islands with the arrival of Tropical Storm Flossie. Tropical storm warnings are in affect for the Big Island, Maui, Molokai, Oahu, and Lana, indicating a “threat to life and property”.

Tropical Storm Flossie is expected to pass over Maui and the Big Island throughout early Monday, and continue to the south of Oahu Monday evening and early Thursday. Coastal areas and ports have been shut down temporarily in preparation for the storm.

Threats of Tropical Storm Flossie

Major threats associated with Tropical Storm Flossie include:

  • severe flooding 
  • waterspouts (tornadoes that form over water)
  • displacement of debris and vehicles, as well as power lines and poles
  • tornoadoes and high wind causing damage to homes and property
  • mudslides

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