Prepare Your Boat For A Hurricane

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boat preparation for hurricane- man tying down boat

So you’ve prepped your home for upcoming hurricanes, but what about your boat? Persons who own properties along the coast or near a lake may also posses a boat or other similar vehicles. And, preparing your boat for a hurricane is a no-brainer.

Taking action and implementing safeguards before a storm can:

  • decrease the risk of damage to your boat and other belongings
  • reduce the chances of having to pay for costly repairs
  • prevent damage to others’ belongings which you may be liable for

How to Prepare Your Boat For a Hurricane

1. Before a hurricane strikes, get insurance on your belongings. Take pictures of your boat, jet skis, and other water equipment ahead of time and keep all reports of ownership and licensing. This will help cover any damage which may be incurred.

2. Use duct-tape to seal any holes or openings in vents, windows, or doors, and secure:

  • windows and shutters
  • doors, cabinets, and drawers
  • latches¬†
  • any loose items

3.  Close larger openings such as hull openings with plugs or towels.

4. Fill fuel tanks completely so that the liquid does not shift drastically during the storm.

5. Anchor the boat down or bring the boat ashore. Experts generally recommend that smaller boats be transported to land to avoid being tipped over or overcome by storm surges. If you choose to leave the boat in the water, anchor the vehicle with a large anchor and install larger cleats than normal. Consider the location of the harbor your boat will be left. Avoid anchoring your boat near rocky harbors which can severely damage the boat during a storm.

Most boats and vehicles come with a guide for hurricane preparedness. Read the guide completely and follow any instructions specific to your boat.