Swimming Pool Prep for Hurricanes

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pool after hurricane irene

Most people enjoy a nice, relaxing day by the pool in the summer. Unfortunately, pool season and hurricane season intersect! But missing out on a few days of tanning may be the least of  your worries; swimming pools and hot tubs that have not been properly prepared before a hurricane can be extremely hazardous.

How to Prepare a Pool for a Hurricane

Many people overlook swimming pools in hurricane preparation. Doing so may lead to a higher risk of damage to your home or pool. Avoid letting hurricanes turn your vacation spot into a disaster by following these tips:

1. Do not cover pools or hot tubs. While it may sound like a good idea to keep debris out of the water, wind passing over the pool or hot tub cover can launch it into the air and through homes.

2. Do not drain swimming pools or hot tubs. More importantly, fill them! Contrary to the idea that lowering water will help by preventing flooding, reducing the amount of water in the pool before a hurricane can be damaging to the structure of foundation of the pool. If the pool is not filled, it may be pushed upwards or float during the storm.

3. Turn the filter off and sanitize your pool beforehand. Filters may become clogged during the storm. By powering off the filter or pump, residents can avoid possible malfunction or motor over-exertion. It is also recommended to shock the pool (with chlorine or bromine) or increase levels of sanitizer to its maximum.

4. Ensure that any movable outdoor objects are either brought inside or tied down. Remove skimmer lids as they may become projectiles during a hurricane. Outdoor furniture should either be brought inside or submerged in the pool. Putting these items in the pool will help prevent the possibility of the furniture shifting around or damaging your home.

5. Make sure the deck retains water properly. Hurricanes can produce heavy flooding. Be sure that the areas around your pool drain away from your home and pool area. This will reduce flooding.

Implement these steps to ensure safety for your home and pool. Hurricane season can be a stressful time, make your preparation process as seamless as possible by becoming familiar with the pool safety guidelines.