Hurricane Erick Skims the Coast of Mexico

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Tropical Storm Erick’s slow sludge along the southwestern coast of Mexico meant drizzly days for many this weekend. As Erick traveled up the Pacific coast of Mexico on Saturday, the storm eventually mustered sustained winds of 80 mph winds gaining the title of a Category 1 hurricane.

Meteorologists located Hurricane Erick approximately 90 miles south of Manzanillo, Mexico. Erick trailed parallel to the Pacific coast of Mexico from Guerrero to Jalisco at 9mph northwest. Administration temporarily halted all activity to seaport Manzanillo, Mexico on Friday to protect the port from potential threats related to Hurricane Erick. Fortunately, no major incidents have been reported.

Tropical Storm Erick Winds Down

After a four day trip beginning on July 4, Hurricane Erick approached Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula on Sunday. Recent reports indicate that Erick grazed the coast by approximately 215 miles west with 60 mph winds. Data shows that Erick still cruises at 10mph westward.

Officials issued a tropical storm warning Southern Baja California from Santa Fe to La Paz. Coastal regions may see between two and four inches of rain today.

Advisers urge coastal residents to prepare for torrential rains, flash flooding, and rip currents induced by swells. Hurricane Erick should reduce to a tropical depression within the next 48 hours. As Erick winds down, meteorologists have an eye on newly formed Tropical Storm Chantal in the Central Atlantic (see forecasts).