Tropical Storm Chantal

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    Latitude: 9.8 North, Longitude: 47.2 West
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    Lesser Antilles, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Southern Florida
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Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Late Sunday, warm waters northeast of South America harbored Tropical Storm Chantal which has now reached the Central Atlantic. The storm paces west towards the Lesser Antilles at 26 mph with 40 mph sustained winds. Saint Vincent is currently under a tropical storm watch while Barbados, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Saint Lucia have been notified of a tropical storm warning.

Tropical Storm Chantal should be active over a five day period and decline by Friday evening.

Tropical Storm Chantal Predictions

During the week, meteorologists predict that Tropical Storm Chantal will sweep through the Lesser Antilles with 50 mph winds on Tuesday. Heading west-northwest, Chantal should make strides to Hispaniola by Wednesday, with winds intensifying to an estimated 65 mph. Severe weather in Hispaniola may become a major area of concern. News reports indicate that Tropical Storm Chantal could increase the risk of flash floods and deadly mudslides in the region.

Experts project Chantal to reach high pressure zones Friday and turn northeast, putting Florida in the forecast error cone for Friday evening. If Tropical Storm Chantal reaches land in southern Florida, the storm should have weakened to a tropical depression with much lesser strength winds of 35 mph. Activity in the Lesser Antilles and Hispaniola will determine the strength and path of the storm later this week. Forecasts expects the wind speeds as well as storm speed of Tropical Storm Chantal to be dampened drastically upon contact with the islands.