Tropical Storm Dalila

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    Latitude 16.2 N, Longitude 103.7 W
  • Affected Regions:
    Punta San Telmo to Manzanillo Mexico; north of La Fortuna to Cabo Corrientes, Mexico
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Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Tropical Storm Dalila emerged out of warm Pacific waters on Sunday, taking its place as the fourth hurricane of the 2013 hurricane season. Meteorologists located Dalila 260 miles southwest of the Mexican coast. Dalila advances northward at 10 mph towards Mexico and should make landfall early Monday.

Reports indicate only slight strengthening of Tropical Storm Dalila. Experts do anticipate that Dalila’s 40 mph winds will intensify over the next two days. Current atmospheric conditions and sea surface temperatures are favorable for cultivating more powerful wind speeds for Dalila.

Tropical storm warnings and watches are in affect in areas north of La Fortuna to Cabo Corrientes as well as Punta San Telmo to Manzanillo, Mexico. Predictions include heavy rainfall in nearby regions of 1 to 3 inches of rain. Tropical Storm Dalila should subside as it reaches cooler waters near the coast.