Cheapest Ways to Reduce Flood Damage

reduce flood damage with sandbags

Flood insurance can be expensive, but paying for flood damages can be even more costly. Ideally, you should have a flood insurance plan if you live in a high-risk zone for flooding. However, if you’ve assessed the risks and deemed it not worth paying extra for a separate flood insurance, it may help to know some cost-effective ways to prevent flood damage in the unlikely event that a flood does strike your home or business. Have your...

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Hurricane Sandy: What Went Right

President Barack Obama and Governor Chris Christie during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

In 2012 from October 22nd to October 31st Hurricane Sandy proved to be one of the most catastrophic natural disasters. The category 3 storm was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, as well as the second-costliest hurricane in United States history. Sandy affected 24 states, caused tens of billions of dollars of damage, destroyed thousands of homes and property, and left at least 286 people...

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Hurricane Watch and Hurricane Warning: What’s the Difference?

hurricane warning flag

During hurricane seasons, regulators notify coastal regions of hurricane watches and hurricane warnings. Administration releases these announcements to alert residents of possible hurricane activity in order to prepare cities for these potential threats. But what do these notifications mean? Understanding the difference between a hurricane watch and hurricane warning can keep you safe and informed, while assisting you in taking proper action...

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Hazards of Stormwater Runoff

storm runoff hazards

After a tropical storm or hurricane has left your city, you may think the coast is clear. Think again. Your life could still be in jeopardy even though the storm has already powered over your home. How? The unsuspecting waters on streets left behind by storms that does not absorb into the ground, referred to as “stormwater runoff“, can contain extremely hazardous substances. And, according to The Federal Emergency Management Agency,...

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Chantal Bears Down on the Dominican Republic and Haiti, One Killed

tropical storm chantal haiti and the dominican republic, one killed

Tropical Storm Chantal battered the Dominican Republic and Haiti on Wednesday after intensifying over several days. The storm flooded streets and flung roofs from homes, killing one before weakening drastically. After skimming the edge of the island, Chantal lost power, reducing to a tropical wave. However, the storm continues to soak local regions with heavy rains and flooding. Damage in the Dominican Republic and Haiti According to reports,...

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Business Disaster Recovery

business disaster recovery

Hurricane seasons is a nightmare for most, but it can be especially daunting for a small business owner. Building a business isn’t easy; it takes a great deal of courage to make a major financial investment, and it can be especially difficult when that hard work is torn down  by a natural disaster. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize losses and make a quick business disaster recovery by staying informed and developing a business...

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