Dorian Weakens, Drops Heavy Rainfall

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tropical storm dorian

Late Monday afternoon Dorian disseminated into a rainy mess over the Palm Beach County, decreasing its chances of regenerating into another serious tropical storm to 20%. It is difficult for forecasters to predict the amounts of rainfall that will hit the area because of how disorganized the system has become. Dorian, according to satellite imagery, has elongated north and south, creating a larger scope for possibly affected areas.

Monday, the remaining elements of Tropical Storm Dorian were moving west, northwest at 15-20 mph just north of Puerto Rico, moving across Turks and Caicos. Moisture pockets associated with the disintegrated storm may stay just to the east of Florida, increasing chances of rain on Thursday, Aug. 1 and Friday, Aug. 2.

Water levels at Lake Okeechobee have become increasingly high over the weekend reaching 15.74 feet that the South Florida Water Management District released water from the lake to the nearby site of a possible reservoir. Dumping the water in this location as opposed to into the Calosahatchee River will possibly save ecosystems within the river by minimizing the mixing of saltwater and freshwater.

While the residual storms may not affect Florida greatly, rain showers and thunderstorms are possibly across Miami, Key West and Fort Lauderdale.