Gil Continues To Fall Apart

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gil forms into tropical depression

Tropical Storm Gil continued to weaken and diminish in the Pacific throughout Saturday, August 3 becoming a tropical depression by Sunday, August 4. The storm continued its westward path throughout Saturday, becoming increasingly disorganized throughout the day.

Gil still is expected to fall quickly apart throughout Sunday, continuing a west southwest movement at 9 miles per hour from its current location, 1,360 miles east south east of Hilo, Hawaii. The storm has reached maximum sustained winds of 40 miles per hour. This movement is expected throughout Tuesday, August 6.

Minimal storm activity is due to vertical wind shear and stable air, ripping the system apart even further and faster than forecasters predicted. The storm could strengthen as it passes through warmer waters but officials say that this isn’t likely.

The depression could weaken further throughout Sunday, possibly becoming only a storm remnant low as early as Monday morning. No land or coastal warnings have been placed for Tropical Depression Gil as its projected path will be well south of Hawaii. Some of the remnant storms will mold completely into the Intertropical Convergence Zone.