Henriette Subsides

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hurricane henriette shrinks

After strengthening rapidly overnight to a Category 2 hurricane status, Henriette weakens as it moves further away from the U.S. coastline. The hurricane will lose strength and size as it passes south of Hawaii over the weekend.

At the last report, given on Thursday evening, August 8, Hurricane Henriette reached maximum sustained winds of 100 miles per hour and was located 980 miles east of Hilo, Hawaii. The storm was moving west at 12 miles per hour. No coastal warnings or watches had been placed for the storm. Forecasters predict that the storm will turn towards the west southwest and increase in moving speed.

As winds have decreased since the last report, a further decrease in force is expected within the next 48 hours, either becoming a tropical storm by Friday evening or Saturday morning, August 10. Hurricane force winds extend outward from the center of the storm up to 10 miles and tropical storm force winds extend outward 45 miles.

No more alerts for this storm is available at this time, as Henriette will no longer be reported on.