Henriette Weakens, Gil Disappears

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hurricane henriette weakens

As Hurricane Henriette weakens instead of strengthening, Tropical Storm Gil dissipates. Despite predictions, Henriette did not reach a Category 2 hurricane status on Wednesday, August 7. Henriette is currently located 1,285 miles east of Hilo, Hawaii and 1,735 miles west off the southern tip of Baja California.

The storm is moving west northwest at 12 miles per hour, with winds decreasing to 85 mph. Henriette is still not projected to reach landfall, and no coastal watches or warnings have been placed. Its path will turn west and then west southwest towards the end of the week. As Henriette moves into colder waters and less favorable upper-level winds, the hurricane should weaken further. Currently hurricane force winds extend 25 miles from the center of the storm and tropical storm force winds extend up to 80 miles.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Gil dissipates and becomes only storm remnants as it continues to pass south of Hawaii.

Stay tuned for updates on Hurricane Henriette at national-hurricane-center.org.