Hurricane Henriette Strengthens Overnight

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hurricane henriette category 2 hurricane

Hurricane Henriette unexpectedly strengthens over Wednesday night, completely going against what forecasters had originally predicted for the storm, and reaches a Category 2 hurricane strength. Experts had originally thought that the storm would be weakening to tropical storm status by this time.

Henriette is currently located 1,680 miles east of Hilo, Hawaii, reaching maximum sustained winds of 105 miles per hour. The storm is still staying on track in terms of movement, heading west at 10 miles per hour. Over the next 48 hours, the storm is expected to turn west southwest and increase in speed. Despite becoming stronger throughout the day, Hurricane Henriette is expected to weaken beginning Thursday night, August 8, and continue into the early weekend.

Hurricane Henriette will most likely bring muggy weather, surf and strong winds towards the Hawaiian islands starting Friday and continuing throughout the weekend. As it passes south of the Hawaiian islands, it is expected to weaken gradually to tropical depression or post-tropical cyclone status by Sunday or Monday.

It’s current predicted route should not reach landfall, and there have still been not any coastal warnings or watches. Currently hurricane force winds extend outward up to 10 miles, and tropical storm force winds extend outward from the center of the storm up to 90 miles.