Tropical Storm Henriette Strengthens

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Tropical Storm Henriette is gained strength in the Pacific throughout Monday, August 5. The storm may continue to strengthen if surrounded by light shear and warm water. Forecasters are calling this storm an almost hurricane, now located 1,470 miles west southwest off the southern tip of Baja California. The storm has now reached maximum sustained winds of 70 miles per hour, only a short distance away from the 74 mph threshold for a category 1 hurricane.

Henriette is moving northwest at 12 miles per hour, with forecasters expecting a west northwest turn by Wednesday, August 7. Tropical Storm Henriette is predicted to become a hurricane by Tuesday, but if the storm moves more northward it may weaken faster. Currently tropical storm force winds of 39 mph extend outward from the center up to 80 miles.

Henriette may eventually cross cooler waters and stable air causing the system to weaken. The storm, or its weakened remnants, can reach Hawaii by the weekend of August 10, possibly causing showers, muggy weather and high surf reaching 8 feet or higher.

Experts say that if the storm passes to the north of Hawaii, it will bring humidity with light winds and showers. If the storm passes through the south of the islands it could bring increased trade winds and rain showers. No land warnings or watches have been placed.