What Not To Spend Money On

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What not to buy

Rebuilding your life after a disaster can be costly for many. Here is a list of items you should avoid in order to save some money, because every dollar counts in the long run, especially when preparing for a hurricane.

1. Items That Require Cooking

Since utilities may be out, you will have to learn to be self-reliant. You may not be able to heat anything, so buying bacon, eggs, baked beans, etc. are out. However, juice boxes, canned nuts, mini cereal boxes, and powdered milk are great options to choose from.

2. Candles

After a disaster occurs, more deaths result from candle-related fires than from the diaster itself. Investing in extra packs of batteries and flashlights is a much brighter idea.

3. Refrigerated Goods

Milk that isn’t kept chilled will of course rot. This is the case with condiments as well, such as mayonnaise. Some stores carry pre-cooked meats- sausage and beef are safe to eat without the use of a refrigerator. Processed cheeses does not require refrigeration as well.

4. Alcohol

Natural disasters and consuming alcohol do not mix. Your money should instead be saved or invested in something much more beneficial. Instead, be sure to stock up on water. At least 1 gallon of water should be available for every individual person.

5. High-fat and High-salt Foods

Salty chips don’t add much nutrition to your diet; and candy, crackers, and peanut butter can cause you to be thirsty. Instead, be sure to have some non-perishable goods on hand that are healthy to eat, such as low-sodium canned vegetables. Canned vegetables last longer than fresh vegetables. Also, they can be eaten right out of the can.