Hurricane Myths and Facts

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Hurricane myths and facts

Learn the real facts about hurricane myths as we dispel falsehoods and uncover some truths. Myths most likely get started because they may hold a carnal of truth, but never the whole story. This makes it important to learn the validity of a particular claim, especially on something as devastating as a hurricane. Because knowledge is power here at 10 hurricane myths debunked.

1. Tape Your Windows for Protection

Putting tape on your windows won’t prevent them from breaking due to debris. Residents should instead use plywood to cover their windows. All tape does is keep shattered glass together and prevents it from completely spreading onto the ground.

2. Hurricanes are Only a Coastal Problem

The effects of a hurricane can be felt in many areas. Residents in costal spots are not the only ones who face strong winds and heavy rain that leave behind damage and death. Significant damange can also be done inland as well.

3. Storm Surges are the Deadliest Part of a Hurricane

A surge is when water pushes ashore as a hurricane gets closer to the coast. Storm surges are deadly, however, more people die from flooding. People should never underestimate the power of moving water.

4. When the Eye of the Storm has Passed, It’s Safe

Even though the rain may have sopped, debris and other wreckage can cause injuries. It is important to wait until reports from news sources states that the storm was left your area before venturing outside your house.

5. The Size of a Hurricane Determines it’s Strength

Just because a hurricane may produce strong winds does not mean that the hurricane is large-sized. Hurricane Andrew was a one of the smallest in size, yet it was a category 5 storm.

Trees blowing during a storm

6. Stay Calm Unless Weather Gets Bad

Forecasts are always changing because of new information coming from models and predictions. You should never wait until the last minute to evacuate an area. It’s important to take evacuation order seriously and leave your home as soon as you can. Even if the weather seems calm, always plan an escape route. Before you leave your home be sure to secure your house and bring along possessions that are vital to you.

7. Just Seek Higher Ground and Ride Out the Storm

Evacuating to higher ground is a bad idea. Wind speed increases the higher you go. Also, the lower levels may have structural damage, making a rescue attempt difficult.

8. It’s Safe to Drink Bathtub Water

It is not sanitary to drink water stored in a bathtub. The lining of the tube could contaminate the water. The water can be used for washing and cleaning purposes, but should not be consumed.

9. Crack a Window During a Hurricane

Opening a window during a storm does not equalize pressure and prevent your home from exploding. This is because houses are not airtight.

10. I Have Insurance, So I’ll Be Fine

Residents should always check their coverage before a hurricane season, especially if they are in an area prone to flooding. Most homeowner insurance does not cover flooding. Enough coverage is needed in order to rebuild homes and recover lost belongings.

Take all of these hurricane myths into consideration when you’re getting ready, or recovering from a hurricane. Don’t be misguided by information that can cause you harm.