Looting During Hurricanes

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A post to discourage looting

The aftermath of a hurricane creates a breakdown in normalcy. During this unsettling time some individuals steal from those who have already lost everything. These are looters – persons who take advantage of a very bad situation and only create more problems for victims during times of crisis.

After Hurricane Sandy struck in 2012, businesses, cars, and homes were all prey to intrusions. Looters took advantage of vulnerable areas. Since many neighborhoods had evacuated, thieves did not miss a beat to ransack property once the hurricane passed. With no law enforcement to keep order, who would stop and reprehend these looters?

There were reports of people stealing in the broad daylight. Shopping carts were spotted carrying giant television sets and other goods. Many looters bragged about their exploits on Twitter. Holdups even took place as robbers posed as official city workers.

In response to the rising crime in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called in about 2,100 members of the National Guard and 250 state troopers to deal with the crime sprees.

Nevertheless, looting continues to be a major concern during and after hurricanes. All persons in the path of a hurricane should be aware of this; secure your belongings and be vigilant of intruders.