The Damages From Juliette

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post tropical cyclone juliette

As Juliette decreases in power, it continues to cause problems for the Mexican Baja California Peninsula. The storm currently has been decreased to a post tropical cyclone and becomes a remnant low, however, the storm has in total caused at least one death.

As of Thursday, August 29, Juliette was located 205 miles northwest of Cabo San Lazaro, Mexico and 80 miles south southeast of Punta Eugenia, Mexico. At its lowest, post tropical cyclone Juliette had decreased to maximum sustained winds of 30 miles per hour after reaching 50 miles per hour over Wednesday night, and was moving northwest at 14 miles per hour. Juliette will weaken further and curve away from land heading west northwest within the next few days.

Juliette hit the tourist area of the Mexican Baja California Peninsula, flooding low areas and collapsing at least one home. The areas near Todos Santos and Pescadero, as well as areas of Cabo San Lucas has been left without power due to toppled trees and electrical lines. Residents have been rescued from flooded homes and cars by emergency responders.

The death from Juliette was a result of electrical shock in an area within the storm’s path. Although emergency responders recommended residents flee to shelters, and were able to evacuate as many as 1600 residents, many remained in their homes.