Maria Strengthens to a Category 4 Hurricane

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Hurricane Maria, the newest storm in the topics, has officially strengthened to a category 4 hurricane. The storm has doubled in strength over the past 48 hours with current wind speeds of up to 130 miles per hour.

Maria is following the same path as Hurricane Irma and will make landfall at approximately 8 pm this evening. Numerous Caribbean islands, that are still recovering from Irma’s aftermath, are under a Hurricane warning and are projected to receive up to 50 inches of rain. Dominica will be the first island to experience the eye of Hurricane Maria, but Puerto Rico is projected to suffer the most from Maria’s winds. This will be the first time that Puerto Rico will be directly affected by a Category 4 storm in years.

Hurricane Maria is being referred to as an “Extremely Danergous Storm.” The Leeward Islands, the Virgin Islands, and surrounding areas should be prepared for flash flooding and extreme winds. People are urged to focus on Hurricane Irma clean up over the next few hours to prepare for their second storm and get everything and everyone indoors as soon as possible.