Hurricane Relief Organizations

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hurricane relief

Tropical storms have always been physically and emotionally devastating for both the victims and spectators. People around the world have always been quick to display their eagerness to aid those affected by natural disasters and fortunately, there are plenty of relief organizations ready to recruit volunteers.

Architecture for Humanity


“Good design means understanding that building a house or school isn’t just constructing shelter, but creating space for people to live and grow independently, and efficiently.”

Architecture for Humanity is a non-profit design organization that strives to reconstruct better lives for those in need. Founded in 1999 in New York, the 50,000 people team at Architecture for Humanity have supplied professional design services for social entrepreneurs, not-for-profit organizations, community groups, non-governmental organizations, and funding agents. They have completed extensive work to aid those affected by Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. In 2012, Architecture for Humanity was named one of The Top 100 Best Non-Governmental Organizations by The Globe Journal. Volunteers are welcomed from all sorts of backgrounds, from construction to graphic design.

American Red Cross

Red Cross is a humanitarian organization designed to provide disaster relief, emergency assistance, and education. Founded in 1881 in Washington, D.C., the American Red Cross continues to assist in approximately 70,000 disasters, both natural and unnatural. Through the organization’s Hurricane Recovery Program, more than 68 million hot meals have been given to victims, 1,400 evacuation centers have been in assistance to Hurricane Katrina, Rita, and Wilma victims, and 200 community groups were funded to provide recovery services. The American Red Cross accepts donations, applications to volunteer, blood donations, group memberships, and provides opportunities to teach disaster awareness classes.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, supports American citizens and first responders to guarantee that we, as a nation, unite and “prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate all hazards.” Through FEMA’s Disaster Survivor Assistance program, natural disaster victims may apply for assistance and are provided with a list of resources available to them which includes temporary housing, counseling, financial assistance, clothing, etc. FEMA is currently accepting financial contributions to those affected by the Oklahoma tornado.