Turbines Spin Hurricanes Into Control

row of wind turbines on the green mountain wind farm

What if a magical object were invented to stop hurricanes in their tracks? Okay, that may seem a tad far-fetched, but what if there was something that could drastically minimize tropical storm impact? Coastal residents may be in luck; scientists and environmental engineers have come together to perform extensive experiments to analyze the effect wind turbines have on hurricanes. The results? Let’s just say they’re very...

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How Prepared Are You?

boarding up windows for hurricane

Hurricane victims are often blindsided by the sudden impact of storms, especially when they weren’t fully prepared. Take our mini, essentials quiz to ensure you’re ready for the next tropical storm season. 1. Make sure you’re stocked up on ________ days worth of water and non-perishable foods: a. 3 b. 5 c. 7 Answer (a) 2. Windows should be protected with: a. Tape b. Wood c. Furniture Answer (b) 3. Important papers such as birth...

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Mexico Death Toll From Ingrid and Manuel

hurricane manuel victims on boat

September 23, 2013- Approximately 100,000 Mexican citizens have been affected by the two hurricanes that made landfall last week. Fatalities from the incident have reached about 110 as well as numerous others who remain missing after extreme mudslides occurred. Hurricane Manuel Manuel made land fall on September 15th in Guerrero, Mexico where 72 out of the total 84 fatalities occurred. 69 people are currently missing and 50,000 residents have...

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Hurricane Misconceptions

hurricane evacuation route sign

Along the coastal regions of the United States, hurricane season is crucial. Residents are constantly reminded by the news and highway signs to be prepared and to never underestimate the severity of a passing tropical storm. There are however, many myths that fly around during this time which continue to increase the risk of property damage and injuries. 1. Taping up the windows. This misconception has been proven against time and time again as...

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Hurricane Relief Organizations

hurricane relief

Tropical storms have always been physically and emotionally devastating for both the victims and spectators. People around the world have always been quick to display their eagerness to aid those affected by natural disasters and fortunately, there are plenty of relief organizations ready to recruit volunteers. Architecture for Humanity Architecture for Humanity is a non-profit design organization that strives to reconstruct better lives for...

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