Mexico Death Toll From Ingrid and Manuel

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hurricane manuel victims on boat

September 23, 2013- Approximately 100,000 Mexican citizens have been affected by the two hurricanes that made landfall last week. Fatalities from the incident have reached about 110 as well as numerous others who remain missing after extreme mudslides occurred.

Hurricane Manuel
Manuel made land fall on September 15th in Guerrero, Mexico where 72 out of the total 84 fatalities occurred. 69 people are currently missing and 50,000 residents have evacuated their homes. Damage repairs have been estimated at 3 billion pesos.

Hurricane Ingrid
Ingrid made impact with northeastern Mexico on September 16th. 23 fatalities have been reported and roughly 23,000 citizens have been evacuated from their homes.

Devastating stories are surfacing from victims who have been separated from their loved ones as a result of flooding and mudslides in Alcalpulco. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has announced his plan to revise budgets in order to adjust finances for damage reconstruction.