Hurricane Irma turns into Category 5

Hurricane Irma has now turned into a Category 5 Hurricane, making it extremely dangerous. Its’ winds are up to 175 miles an hour, with no sign of slowing down. Irma began its formation in the Cape Verde Islands and has tracked its way through the Atlantic to get to where it is now. The hurricane is currently tracked to hit the Antigua, British and Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, as they frantically prepare for this hit. Puerto Rico has been...

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Hurricane Irma Update: August 31st, 2017

As Texas and Lousiana begin to recover after Hurricane Harvey, another storm forms in the Atlantic. As of right now, on the 31st of August, there is another storm forming in the Atlantic, Hurricane Irma. It is currently on track to form into another Category 4 Hurricane. It will likely take around a week for the hurricane to reach the United States, with places like Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the majority of the Caribbean set to take the full brunt...

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Manuel Drenches Mexico’s Coast

Tropical storm Manuel, mexico coast

As Tropical Storm Manuel moves closer to Mexico, it has already begun to wreak havoc on Mexico’s coastline. Currently the storm is located 105 miles south of Lazaro Cardenas and 215 miles southeast of Manzanillo, Mexico. Manuel has reached maximum sustained winds of 50 miles per hour, and these winds may increase as Manuel makes landfall on Sunday, September 15. It is currently moving north at 6 miles per hour, and is expected to move...

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Manuel Weakens After Slight Landfall

manuel and ingrid hit mexico

Tropical Storm Manuel weakens slightly after making landfall near Manzanillo, Mexico. The storm, currently dwindling in power, is located 15 miles north of Manzanillo and 160 miles west northwest of Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico. The storm has reached maximum sustained winds of 45 miles per hour, and is predicted to weaken very quickly into Monday, September 16. It is currently moving northwest at 9 miles per hour and is expected to stay on this path...

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Ingrid Becomes A Hurricane

hurricane ingrid, east mexico coast

Formerly a tropical storm, Ingrid has been upgraded to Category 1 hurricane status late Saturday afternoon, September 14, becoming the second hurricane of the 2013 season. The storm is currently located 195 miles east of Tuxpan, Mexico, and 275 miles of La Pesca, Mexico. Hurricane Ingrid has reached maximum sustained winds of 75 miles per hour with some additional strengthening expected over the next two days. Ingrid is currently moving north at...

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Tropical Storm Gil, Could Become Hurricane Thursday

Forecast of Tropical Storm Gil

Tropical Storm Gil formed late Tuesday and reached maximum sustained winds of 45 mph, according to The National Hurricane Center in Miami. The storm is getting better organized in the Pacific and could become a hurricane by Thursday. Today Gil’s maximum sustained winds is 60 mph with forecasters predicting the storm to be 920 miles off the southern tip of Baja California. Gil is currently moving west-northwest at 14 mph, and this...

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